Thursday, September 24, 2015

Aquaman #37 (1968)

Since I last wrote, there's been a lot of interesting casting news in the superhero TV and movie world.  Jesse Quick will be on the Flash, Bean and Green may play Ares and Circe in the Wonder Woman film (timely post!), Rachel McAdams is confirmed for Dr. Strange although we still don't know who she'll be playing (read my theory here), a Booster Gold / Blue Beetle movie seems to be in the works, and, announced just today, Negative Woman will be on Legends of Tomorrow.  I've long planned to write about how Misty Knight is sure to show up on TV or in a film sooner or later - then this happened.  Some of these I anticipated and some were complete surprises, but the subject of this post is none of the above but rather about the rising star of a certain Aquaman villain.

We all know how expensive Aquaman #11 and #35 have become, and to a slightly lesser extent, #29.  These are all books that I (and many others) correctly favored for speculation purposes from the earliest whispering of a DC Cinematic Universe.  In the case of #35, my one good comic collecting friend and I have been talking for as long as I remember about about how cheap it was.  These are bona fide keys now and should continue to grow, but the ticket on these trains is quite expensive, so the subject of today's post is something that is a much cheaper buy.

Aquaman #37 features the first appearance of the Scavenger.  The list of Aquaman's interesting or popular rogues is not long, but we need to ask who Aquaman would face in his inevitable sequel and threequel.  It is not too farfetched to think there may be 3 antagonists in his first film, or that a third will be set up.  After Orm and Black Manta, I would argue that the Scavenger is the most likely candidate.  One of the reasons I feel this way is because of how he has been used in the New 52 Aquaman series, which was written by Geoff Johns.  As everyone knows, Geoff Johns is the chief creative guy at DC and has a lot of say as to what characters are used in TV and film projects, so I pay close attention to the characters he has revived and fleshed out in the many series he has written.

I see this book all over the place for cheap, and nobody is buying.

Below is a brief image gallery of Scavenger's debut, first cover appearance, and depiction in the New 52.  I may come back and flesh this article out a bit more but this is all for now! Thanks for reading and as always please check out our main site*.

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Aquaman #37

First cover

Aquaman (2011 series) #23

Justice League #30, hanging out with Clayface, Dr. Psycho and the rest